Carhartt overalls

Sometimes You Just Need to Make a Mess

well loved Carhartt overalls

well loved Carhartt overallswell loved Carhartt overallswell loved Carhartt overallswell loved Carhartt overalls

One of my best stress relievers is painting— how the paint moves around the canvas naturally, flowing together in some places and beautifully discordant elsewhere.

When I paint, I throw on a pair of Carhartt bib overalls. Since I’m the master of making a mess when I get into arts and crafts mode, they are the perfect thing to wear. I don’t mind when paint splatters on them. In fact, I kind of love it. It shows that they are well loved and I remember all the things I’ve made while wearing them.

Another reason why they are perfect for us ladies is that the clasp that hooks the strap onto the button in front is flat so that it doesn’t catch onto long hair. (We all know how much it can hurt when your hair gets caught while working.)

You can snatch a pair of Carhartt bib overalls here.