Forget About Twerking Girls, Chopping Wood Is All The Rage

Take a look at OUR LATEST VIDEO with a lumberjill and a model in a fight for the fittest.Both women are wearing the new Carhartt Jasper Jeans, complete with work flex in a great new style.

Alissa, featured in the clip, is a full time lumberjill. She may be tiny, but she sure can wield an axe. Instead of time in the gym, she’s constantly lifting logs, cutting trees, and hauling tools. Show me a lumberjill and I’ll show you a super athlete. Forget about ellipticals and stair-masters, ladies. Get outside and be active.

There’s nothing quite as addictive as fresh air and warm sunshine on your skin. Just ask Alissa. She’s worked in the woods since age 15. She loves what she does so much that she’s devoted her career and her free time to it. With countless awards and titles earned, she’ll keep chopping away in her Carhartts.