Winter Jacket / Crafted in Carhartt

Come Snow or High Water

Winter Jacket / Crafted in Carhartt
Winter Jacket / Crafted in CarharttThe winter of 2015 has been a fierce one to be sure. Regions unfamiliar with snow have been pelted with it, and those already accustomed to snow have put up with it to an even greater degree. I’ve been reading The Farmer’s Almanac, learning about today in weather history.

This day in 1918, a car crossed frozen Penobscot Bay, Maine.
In 1952, an ocean storm hit Cape Cod and Nantucket, with winds of 61 mph.
In 1980, Norfolk, Virginia received 13.7 inches of snow.
In 1989, the temperature in Jacksonville, Florida plummeted to 24°F.
In 2008, San Antonio,Texas temperatures reached 92°F.
And in 2011, the temperature rose to 103°F in Laredo, Texas.

It’s easy to forget the times in our past when the weather has caught us off guard. The best thing is to always be prepared, come snow or high water. That’s why I like my Quick Duck® Jefferson Jacket. It’s water repellent and constructed with 3M Thinsulate material. Whether it’s snowing or pouring rain, you’ll stay dry and warm.