Camping Tips

  • Be prepared.
    Make sure you have enough food and provisions for the duration of your stay.
    Pack a few extra fire starters and lighters to be safe.
    Bring along an axe, hammer, and pocket knife. You never know when you’ll need them.
    Think ahead. Be ready for bugs, rain, sunburns, and other sticky situations.
    Don’t forget the first aid kit!
  • Pick a campsite.
    Take a look around and be aware of your surroundings.
    Look for loose tree limbs or rocks that could potentially crash your site.
    Take note of noisy neighbors, also be conscious of your own camping etiquette.
    Find an ideal spot to light a fire, safe from wind and wetness.
    Maintain a safe distance from any water sources. Never get caught in a flash flood.
  • Pick the right shelter.
    Of course the size of your tent is important,if you’re looking for comfort, get a tent twice as large as the number of sleepers it holds. (remember, you have to store a bit of your gear in there with you as well)
    Look for tents that have screened windows and secure closures.
    Make sure to pack a few extra tent poles just in case.
    Practice make perfect—so try setting up your tent at home before hand.
    Consider the weather conditions. Account for wind, the need for water resistance, and temperature.
  • Pick your bedding.
    Be it a sleeping bag, camping mattress, air pad, cot, or hammock—make sure it’s sturdy and comfortable enough to suit your needs.
    Again, you must be aware of the temperatures you’ll be facing. Whether the weather is hot, cold, or wet—be ready for whatever situation may arise.
    Earplugs and sleeping masks can also come in handy.
  • Make your space cozy.
    Throw in a carpet, lanterns, or a string of lights to make your campsite home.

Camping Tips / Crafted in Carhartt

Camping Tips / Crafted in CarharttCamping Tips / Crafted in CarharttCamping Tips / Crafted in CarharttCamping Tips / Crafted in CarharttCamping Tips / Crafted in Carhartt