Hunt Your Legacy / Crafted in Carhartt

Hunt Your Legacy

The Cabanas have been hunting on their property in Hudson, Michigan for the past 11 years. It’s a real family affair. The house is packed, young and old anxiously awaiting dawn. All rise before the sun, donning their warmest hunting gear, ready to settle into their stands. The ashes are still smouldering in the fire place from the night before. Quiet conversations hum in the kitchen as everyone scarfs down breakfast. And they’re off.

The morning is filled with nods and whispered instructions. The sun slowly pours over the edge of the horizon. All eyes are searching. Once a deer is spotted, the real work begins.

From generation to generation, hunters pass down their knowledge. It’s about quality time, enjoying the freedom the land has to offer, and respecting each animal and ounce of nature. If you have a hunting story like the Cabana family, share it with us at craftedincarhartt(at)

Hunt Your Legacy / Crafted in Carhartt