A Fly Fisher Reminisces

“The first time I fished was an experience I won’t soon forget. Getting out on the river, cold water rippling against your waders and sun on your back, it’s a pretty tranquil experience. It’s amazing how quickly you find your focus on the river and fall into the natural background of your surroundings. And when you finally get a hit and reel in a fish… it’s pretty rewarding. Honestly, I feel like every time I go out I am still learning something new or re-learning something I haven’t been practicing.

It can be cold- winter fishing actually can be pretty great out here. Just like anything, the right gear is super important so you’re spending more time enjoying the activity instead of being distracted by how uncomfortable you are.  But in the hottest part of the summer I will sometimes fish without waders because it’s nice to feel the sun and have your feet submerged a little.

Practice your cast before getting on the water, especially if you’re brand new to the sport.

When I first picked up a rod it was in Southern California before I even had a river to fish on. I would stand in the backyard and dry cast on the grass trying to find what was comfortable and working for me from what I had read about. I think that really helped me initially when I started to get out on the water.” -Outdoor Sports Enthusiast Tessa Wyatt

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