Welder Liisa Pine

Meet Welder Liisa Pine. She took her first welding class in 1991, thinking it would be a check off her bucket list. Instead, she found her path.

“The most common misconception people have about my work is that it doesn’t provide challenge or a rewarding career path for intelligent people. The welding field is huge, more like a tree than a ladder. It includes not only hands-on welders, but welding engineers, equipment salespeople, contractors, artisans. I use my university degree every day, whether I am building something, discussing metallurgy, or writing a grant.”-Liisa Pine

Welder Liisa Pine / Crafted in Carhartt
“The biggest thing that I hope my son learns from seeing me in my field is that it is absolutely normal. I would love for him to take it completely for granted.” -Welder Liisa Pine

“My son Rowan is 5. I can’t wait to get him started welding. Learning it teaches you so much about yourself and about learning, like a martial art. At the same time, he’ll let me know when he’s ready. I’ve seen too many kids start at the wrong time in their personal development, and it’s amazing how ineffective that is. In general though, he’ll grow up making and repairing things, as much for curiosity’s sake as for practicality. In our family, the hands and brain are a team.” -Welder Liisa Pine

Welder Liisa Pine / Crafted in Carhartt
“The best part of my job is working with dangerous tools and permanent materials. They don’t care who you are, you’d just better handle it right. Your work ethic is obvious, and your results don’t lie.” -Liisa Pine

Welder Liisa Pine / Crafted in Carhartt

“Get started, meet people. Find the ones you like and become someone they can depend on. Join the American Welding Society, get involved in your local chapter. And stretch the hell out of your comfort zone, every day.” -Welder Liisa Pine, @sparksorwhatever