The Women of Keep Growing Detroit

In the middle of downtown Detroit, just a a few blocks from the city’s lively Eastern Market, sits The Keep Growing Detroit Farm. It’s a hotspot of workshops for growers of all ages and the birthplace of the popular Motown Music garlic seed. Keep Growing Detroit is a nonprofit devoted to the city’s food sovereignty, … Continue reading The Women of Keep Growing Detroit

Jenny from Live Edge Detroit

Before joining her family in the wood business, Jenny Barger was in Marketing and Advertising. It turned out to be the perfect background as she now runs the Sales and Marketing for Live Edge Detroit. Back in 1984, Jenny’s dad started a tree care and removal business. His heart has always been set on sustainability … Continue reading Jenny from Live Edge Detroit

The Spirit of Detroit

A tiny downtown loft in Detroit was the birthplace of Carhartt. The year was 1889. With just two sewing machines, Hamilton Carhartt & Company began producing the historic work wear we all know and love today. “I believe that when a man wears an article that I manufacture, his self-respect is increased because he knows … Continue reading The Spirit of Detroit

Carhartt in Detroit

In a day and age when so few brands can rightfully call themselves a family company, Carhartt sticks out in a sea of suits like a vintage chore coat, passed down for generations. In 1889, Hamilton Carhartt started his workwear company with only 5 employees and 2 sewing machines. Over a hundred years full of … Continue reading Carhartt in Detroit

The Women of OUR Detroit

d OUR Detroit, an entirely woman run vodka distillery, found its home in an abandoned liquor store. What was once an eye sore in the neighborhood, untrusting with barred windows and forgotten for many years, has been transformed to a transparent business with arms wide open to the community. It’s the new local hangout where … Continue reading The Women of OUR Detroit

Look Out Detroit, The Drought Girls Are Making Raw Juice Waves

I got to catch up with my favorite Detroit sisters this week as they test drove the Carhartt Women’s Spring 2016 line. Caitlin, Julie, Jessie and Jenny James are leading the way in women run businesses in the Michigan area. They started small, but have grown their cold pressed raw juice company, DROUGHT, into something … Continue reading Look Out Detroit, The Drought Girls Are Making Raw Juice Waves

Hot and Ready Detroit

Detroit artist, Tiff Massey, is a powerhouse creator. Her ability to hop from one medium to next and absolutely kill it had a profound affect on me as I walked around her studio. Tiff’s work is bold, vibrant, and demands your full attention. She’s taken her training as a metal worker and expanded her reach … Continue reading Hot and Ready Detroit

Amy Weiks of Smith Shop in Detroit

To wield a hammer, bend metal, and make something with purpose—that requires strength, ability, and the know-how. Amy Weiks, co-owner of Smith Shop in Detroit, says, “The best part of being a metalsmith is reaching the point when you really start to understand the properties of metal, how malleable and how unbelievably strong it can … Continue reading Amy Weiks of Smith Shop in Detroit

Imani of Keep Growing Detroit

  There is a certain feeling of empowerment and resolve that come with sticking your own two hands in the soil and growing your own food. Dusting the dirt off your clothes after a hard day of work never felt so good. To watch your labor generate new life is almost as satisfying as taking … Continue reading Imani of Keep Growing Detroit