The Hamilton Flannel

One of our favorite cowgirls, Joette Donell, wears Carhartt regularly. Something you have to appreciate about a solid work shirt is that it can be soft to the touch, yet tough enough to stand up to wear. The Hamilton Flannel does just that. It’s 97% cotton so it’s cozy, and 3% spandex so it can … Continue reading The Hamilton Flannel

DIY Sugar Skulls

Sugar Skulls, or calaveras in Spanish, are typically made of sugar paste or clay to celebrate Día de Muertos. The traditional Mexican holiday is one of remembrance for friends and loved ones who’ve passed. Made as offerings, these little artistic beauties have captured the hearts of many. Just in time to celebrate, I came up … Continue reading DIY Sugar Skulls

Sandstone Vest 5 Ways

The Sandstone Mock-Neck Vest is one of the Carhartt’s most popular women’s items. I blame it on the sherpa lining. Who doesn’t love a good vest snuggle? The new Crafted in Carhartt team decided to rock their Sandstone 5 different ways. Let’s take a look and get some vest-spiration! Laura styled her Hybrid Camo Printed … Continue reading Sandstone Vest 5 Ways

Ceramic Artist Andrea Denniston

After one semester of ceramics during my sophomore year of college, I learned a whole new respect for all handmade pottery. The sheer amount of time, skill, and love poured over each piece was something I’d never experienced before. From a mound of clay, wedged and formed by your own two hands into something with … Continue reading Ceramic Artist Andrea Denniston

Janie Mills of Salt Works

In an effort to assuage the issues of high unemployment and enormous amounts of demolition waste in the area of Syracuse, New York; Janie Mills and the folks at Near Westside Initiative and Northside Urban Partnership united forces to create Salt Works. This amazing social enterprise pulls in members of the community and teaches them … Continue reading Janie Mills of Salt Works

Carhartt Women’s Packing Guide

When I pack for a trip, I make sure bring along things that can be used more than once. That goes for clothing and my other road trip hacks. I also take length of the trip into consideration. For a 3 day trip to a cold destination, I bring along 1 pair of pants, a … Continue reading Carhartt Women’s Packing Guide