Women in Trades

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with a few of the outstanding Women in Trades in the Seattle area. It was exciting and uplifting. Booths were set up all around Seattle Center, the Space Needle hovering in the background–speaking to the feats that can be accomplished by the hard working folks … Continue reading Women in Trades

Celebrate Women in Construction Week With the Metal Workers of Austin Community College

It brings great excitement to honor the talented metal workers of Austin Community College. This past Saturday, I got to sit in on a Technical Welding Class and a Blacksmithing Class. As I walked from lab to lab, I was struck by the camaraderie between all participating—whether it was a student and a teacher, two … Continue reading Celebrate Women in Construction Week With the Metal Workers of Austin Community College

Insights from the Incredibly Hardworking Women of 2019

Every year I’m lucky to spend time with hard working women across the globe. I get to see where they work and learn why they love what they do. Without fail, each woman has something important to share. Here are a few of my favorite moments from 2019. Brewers Fenna van Strien and Tessel de … Continue reading Insights from the Incredibly Hardworking Women of 2019

The Women of Operating Engineers 324

Operating Engineers 324, based out of Howell, Michigan, has been serving its union members for over 100 years. They now boast 14,000 members as they help build Michigan’s future. We had a unique opportunity to meet with some of the sisterhood. Join us as we introduce you to some of OE 324’s best. “The training … Continue reading The Women of Operating Engineers 324

Mother-Daughter Ironworkers, Carolina and Kat in Seattle

Carolina Taylor has been an Ironworker for the past 22 years. That statement is loaded with accomplishment. In the 1990s, becoming an Ironworker as a woman was no easy feat. How did Carolina pave that road for herself? It started with a road trip, an 18 hour quest up the West Coast from Los Angeles … Continue reading Mother-Daughter Ironworkers, Carolina and Kat in Seattle

Our Favorite Girl Power Moments of 2016

1. The Women of Wild ‘N’ Woolly Rodeo Team This rodeo team did not disappoint at the WRRA World Finals in Loveland, Colorado. The amazingly talented cowgirls dominated! Each one was study, sure, and confident. It’s invaluable to have trusted team members who are always looking out for you. Way to go Rachel, Joette, Stormie, … Continue reading Our Favorite Girl Power Moments of 2016

Chicago Ironworker Adriana Lopez

Meet the inspiring Adriana Lopez. Looking to incorporate welding into her personal artwork, she fell in love with the trade after attending a program at Jane Addams Resource Corporation in Chicago. In no time, she got her Arc Welding Society Certification. Adriana worked in several different shops and got involved with Chicago Women in Trades. … Continue reading Chicago Ironworker Adriana Lopez

Union Plumber Judaline Cassidy

New York Union Plumber, Judaline Cassidy, is a big proponent of bringing women into the trades. She first acquired her skills in her home country of Trinidad and Tobago. Judaline found great pride and freedom in her profession. After living and working in the states, she wanted to share the benefits of a Union job … Continue reading Union Plumber Judaline Cassidy

Stewards of an Architectural Past

You may remember Amy Nicole Swift, founder of Building Hugger in Detroit. She’s a talented builder, bad-ass, and restorer of old. The Motor City is littered with gorgeous architecture from decades past. As folks move into the magnificent homes that need some extra TLC, they look for a pro like Amy to help them maintain … Continue reading Stewards of an Architectural Past

Carhartt Force Technology

  Remember Detroit artist, Kate Silvio? Along her path to becoming a craftsperson, she’s picked up many useful trades and skills. Metal fabrication being one of them. Working in the metal shop can be extremely physical labor. After all the welding, cutting, bending, and hammering it’s easy to work up quite a sweat. That’s why Carhartt … Continue reading Carhartt Force Technology