Hive Five For All The Dads!

Helena and Matthew Sylvester have been partners long before they were ever married. As Helena’s interest in growing food developed, Matthew encouraged her–from growing plants on their patio in Oakland to leasing a farm of their own in Sunol, California.

“It was my goal, but it was a group effort. Matt was there supporting me every step of the way…While the years have aged me, the giddiness and drive are still there – as is Farmer Matt’s unwavering support (he’s now full time on the farm, going on his 5th year) – it’s amazing what you can do when you believe in yourself, but it hella helps when you have others who believe in you too.” -Helena of Happy Acre Farm

Helena and Matthew are now partners in marriage, on the farm, and in raising their son, August. Mornings at Happy Acre start early and evenings stretch out as long as possible. We all know that farmers are some of the hardest working people, particularly when you have to teach yourself everything from scratch. The daily routine is met with flexibility and a support system of their own making.

“I’d never met someone who wakes up in a good mood every day, before you. Sometimes it drives me crazy (I need coffee first, sometimes two cups) but really, I admire it. You carry that positivity with you through everything you do. We’re definitely not taking the easy road through life, our route is filled with bumps, challenges, and sometimes a change of directions – but damn than obnoxiously positive attitude of yours keeps us on track, and it’s helped bring us here.”  -Helena to Matthew of Happy Acre Farm

fathersDAYcic15This is Matthew’s second Father’s Day. Both Helena and August are so grateful to have his love and encouragement.

“As hard and stressful as some days (or weeks or seasons even) of farming can be, I am hella lucky. Lucky to be able to do what I want for a living, instead of what I need to do to get by. And lucky I get to spend so much time with my main dudes.” -Helena of Happy Acre Farm

Happy Acre Farm Family / Crafted in CarharttHappy Acre Farm Family / Crafted in CarharttHappy Acre Farm Family / Crafted in CarharttFather's Day at Happy Acre Farm / Crafted in Carhartt

Don’t forget to tell all the father figures in your life how grateful you are for them.

Budget Friendly Gift Ideas for Dad

Father's Day Gift Ideas / Carhartt
Father's Day Gift Ideas / Carhartt
Father's Day Gift Ideas / Carhartt
Father's Day Gift Ideas / Carhartt


It’s can be hard to think of the right gift for Dad. If you’re looking for a thoughtful and useful present, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few DIYs to help organize around the garage and the perfect work shirt any guys would love. Let’s walk through these ideas step by step.

1. You can use shower curtain hooks as organizers for nuts and washers on a peg board you hang in your garage. Get creative. You can use the shower curtain hooks to arrange a lot of other things too; like wrenches or paintbrushes with a hole drilled into the handle.
2. Another great idea is a shelf for screwdrivers so that it’s easier to find the right one when you need it. Find a long, skinny piece of scrap lumber you can drill holes into as slots for each tool.
3. Try thinking green. Recycle an old palette and use it as a way to store gardening equipment. Hang it on the outside of the garage. It looks cool and it’s functional.
4. The Carhartt Men’s Workwear Pocket T-Shirt is a great gift for Dad. Right now they are 2 for $25 and big/tall are 2 for $28. That’s a great deal! It’s made of sturdy material and it comes in lots of colors and big/tall sizes.