Photography Tips from Carhartt Photographer

photography tips from Carhartt photographer

photography tips from Carhartt photographer
Welcome behind the scenes of Crafted in Carhartt in Washington DC. Here are a few things I’ve learned taking pictures over the years. Hopefully a few of these tips can help you out.

  • Clouds are your friends. Overcast skies provide great light coverage without the shadows of direct sunlight.
  • Try out new angles. Be daring and climb on things. Lie down or kneel on the ground. You’ll see your subject in a whole new way.
  • Candid photos are more compelling. Posed pictures don’t feel as authentic as photos that capture people in their element.
  • Ditch cheesy editing tricks. A lot of times preset editing filters and effects look cheap and unprofessional.
  • When it comes to composition, be aware of everything. The background can be just as important as the subject.
  • Change up your subjects. Look at the things around you in a different light. You’ll learn to see beauty in everything.
  • Experiment! Never be afraid to do something wrong. The trash bin is a very underrated tool.

Photography can be whatever you make it. For me, it’s photographing some of the more interesting ladies around. I get dirty, I climb on roofs, I sit in piles of mud, I scale silos, etc… The Carhartt Women’s Force Performance Tank is exactly what I need for work. It’s stain resistant, odor blocking, and sweat wicking technology helps me out on all fronts. That way I can focus on the work and not on staying clean. Give it a try! Once you get Force you’ll never go back.