Cowgirl Rachel and Her Horse Lil Duck

Happy Belated National Horse Day / Crafted in CarharttHappy Belated National Horse Day / Crafted in Carhartt


This past Sunday was National Horse Day. That got me thinking about the unrivaled bond between horse and rider. What do you call someone who is a best friend and a part of the family, who can read your mind, watch out for you, and even get up to mischief in a way that will undoubtedly make you laugh?

This is Rachel and Lil Duck. They communicate in a moment without words. Trust runs strong between them. Rachel confidently puts her 2 year old daughter on Duck’s back, knowing she’ll be just as safe as when she has both feet on the ground. They are partners, competing in rodeos as a team with fluid movements and dexterity. They are the best of friends, taking in daily life on the ranch. Every sunrise they are together, experiencing the beauty Colorado has to offer.

Not many get to enjoy this connection between human and animal. Those who do consider themselves lucky, as they should. If you have a horse story to share, email craftedincarhartt(at)


Further Debunking the Myths About Where Women Belong in the Work Force

Krista Burleson / Crafted in Carhartt fan photos

Krista Burleson / Crafted in Carhartt

This week Crafted in Carhartt is giving a shout out to the inspiring Krista Burleson. She’s a welder and a construction worker. Talk about girl power! Krista has some words of wisdom to share with any women with aspirations similar to her own:

“All the things I’ve ever been interested in, nobody around me understood (hunting, welding, climbing, MMA), and they never have to since that is who I am. I’ve managed to accomplish all I’ve set my mind to (all of which in male dominated fields) by working harder than everyone else around me and earning the respect of everyone around me. I’ve managed to keep my femininity and morals while having respect from fellow co workers and team mates. Carhartt has always been there to help my performance excel in every aspect of my life. For that I thank you Carhartt!”

take a look at Krista’s work gear: Sandstone Sierra Jacket, Original-Fit Canvas Crawford Dungaree, & Wellington Boot

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