Seaweed by the Seashore

Visiting the quaint Maine community located on Gotts Island is like stepping back in time. There are no cars and the only way on and off the island is by ferry service. The Weinberg family is one of the last families to live there year round. They grow their own food, raise their own animals, and even use wood to heat their cabin in the winter.

The mother and daughter team of Claire and Carly Weinberg, source natural products from the earth and ocean to make various skin care products for their family run company, Dulse and Rugosa. From homegrown roses to local seaweeds, Claire and Carly hope to bring a bit of Gotts Island’s goodness to others. Their skincare products would make great Christmas gifts. Check out what they have to offer.

“I have loved Carhartt clothing for years and really do believe that it is the only outwear worth wearing in Maine.  I love the fact that I can move in it without loosing warmth, which has been super important especially during a Maine winter.  I want to thank you for providing clothing that I know I can count on.  Clothing I know won’t fall apart.  Clothing that I feel strong in.  Clothing that I put on everyday and which still makes me smile, even though I have had it for years.”  -Carly Weinberg

Carly is wearing the Carhartt Women’s Sandstone Sierra Jacket.
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