Behind the Scenes of Carhartt’s Latest Commercial

This Labor Day, Carhartt is celebrating with professional football player and devoted chicken farmer, Von Miller. The Carhartt team and the Pride of Gypsies crew created a few short videos to thank the hard working folks in America. Take a peak into the making of these funny tributes to those who all too often go unthanked.Glassblower Sibelle Yuksek / Crafted in CarharttGlassblower Sibelle Yuksek / Crafted in CarharttGlassblower Sibelle Yuksek / Crafted in CarharttGlassblower Sibelle Yuksek / Crafted in CarharttVon thanks port-a-jon maintenance people, farmers, cowboys, ranchers, groundskeepers, garbage men and women, teachers, truck drivers, parents, and the US Military.

Glassblower Sibelle Yuksek / Crafted in CarharttTalented photographer, Victoria Will, was there to make tin types of the cast and crew. Flip through a few of Von’s close ups here.Glassblower Sibelle Yuksek / Crafted in Carhartt

Glassblower Sibelle Yuksek / Crafted in Carhartt

Glassblower Sibelle Yuksek / Crafted in Carhartt

Von Miller with his parents on the set of a Carhartt commercial
Von Miller on set with his mom, Gloria, and dad, Von

“I’ve had asthma my whole life. My mom used to hook the generator up to the Suburban and roll the extension cord all the way down to the football field and have my nebulizer hooked up to that so I could take treatments in between offense and defense. I was in the fifth grade when she started doing that.” -Von Miller

Jason Momoa founded Pride of Gypsies in 2010, and has produced several Carhartt films.

Actor and Producer Jason Momoa with his mom, Coni Momoa

“I was raised by a strong single mother. My mom’s an artist in every way. She’s a painter, a photographer. She’s a wanderer, always searching, always seeing. I guess you could say my mom gave me her eyes.” -Momoa

Glassblower Sibelle Yuksek / Crafted in Carhartt
Glass Artist, Sibelley Yuksek, setting up for a glassblowing scene.

Sibelley on set with Von.Glassblower Sibelle Yuksek / Crafted in CarharttSibelley Yuksek has been working with glass for 7 years. Her path towards her career stemmed from school requirements pushing her to explore other artistic venues.

“I was working on finishing my first BFA in Illustration, when my department required us to take an art course outside of our focus, so I picked an Intro to Glass Casting course. I didn’t anticipate that glass would be such a seductive material. I needed to learn more about it, so I decided to make it my second major.” -Glass Artist Sibelley Yuksek

She’s focused on many aspects of the art, from sculptural glass casting to flameworking. Currently, Sibelley does production flameworking for Neptune Glassworks and works on personal pieces in the same studio under Sibelley.

“I love how unique the material is. Theres nothing quite like it. Glass is hard, non porous, liquid, soft, hot, cold, brittle, transparent, opaque, heavy and light. It’s everything and anything you want it to be. It has a mind of it’s own, You must learn how to move with it, it’s a dance. It take patience and determination to keep up with it. I love the challenge.
It takes years of practice in order learn the language of glass. It can be very frustrating even years later when your muscles can’t make the glass do what you want.” -Sibelley

Glassblower Sibelle Yuksek / Crafted in CarharttHindsight has taught Sibelley to be confident in her skills. The knowledge that can only come after years of dedication to the craft gives her the ability to deal with cracked glass. Patience and resilience are key tools in any glass artists’ arsenal.

“I wish people knew just how intricate the process is. There are so many variables to consider when creating a piece. You must keep the glass warm or else it cracks, you must always keep the hot glass turning to avoid gravity from pulling it down, you need to know what type of flame to use and where to use it when manipulating a part, you need to learn how each color reacts to what type of heat, how to keep an object on center and then knowing when to let it be off center, etc, etc.” -Sibelley

I’ll leave you with the words Sibelley would tell her younger self if she were given the chance, “Hey you! Stop acting timid, step up to the plate and show this glass what you’re worth!”Glassblower Sibelle Yuksek / Crafted in CarharttFollow Sibelley on instagram to see her work and process.