Skeet Shooting Advice

We met outdoor adventurers Tessa Wyatt and Mikki Clayton a while back. They both live (and play) in Park City, Utah. Today, they are sharing a few tips concerning skeet shooting:

“Get comfortable with where you place the butt of the gun on your shoulder (everyone is a little different)  and prepare or anticipate the recoil so it doesn’t startle you. When I first started shooting one of my biggest problems with accuracy was rushing the shot. Once I slowed down, got comfortable and confident with my stance, and followed with a little more patience, my accuracy seriously improved.” -Tessa Wyatt

Skeet Shooting / Crafted in Carhartt

Skeet Shooting / Crafted in CarharttSkeet Shooting / Crafted in Carhartt

“Just practice, getting out there enough. I also try to shoot with people that are comfortable or familiar with and around guns. There’s nothing that will distract your shot more than someone that jumps at every pull of the trigger. Safety is obviously important but having skiddish energy around you can be just as.” -Tessa Wyatt

It’s All About Arugula

The popular vegetable arugula is also known as rocket salad. You might think it’s because of its spicy taste, but you’d be wrong. It comes from the French word roquette, used to identify an unspecified plant in the Brassicaceae family.

Arugula adds a peppery kick of vitamin C and potassium to any dish (like pizzas, omelets, or salads). It’s a cool season plant that enjoys the full sun and well-drained soil. Get a load of these images of the fast growing plant being planted and harvested in a Park City green house.  It may be snowing outside, but there are plenty of green things in here!

Green House in the Winter / Crafted in CarharttGreen House in the Winter / Crafted in CarharttGreen House in the Winter / Crafted in CarharttGreen House in the Winter / Crafted in CarharttGreen House in the Winter / Crafted in Carhartt

Bowhunting Tips From Tessa Wyatt

This is Tessa Wyatt. She lives in Park City, the wonderland for outdoor adventurers. She’s been bowhunting since childhood and has a few words of advice to share to anyone taking up the sport:

  • Get comfortable with your set up and your stance.
  • Confidence is a must.
  • Having the right weight on your bow makes a huge difference too. If you’re tiring quickly or struggling to get stillness and accuracy in your shot it’s likely that your draw weight is too heavy.
  • You want to be able to pretty comfortably bring the nock of the arrow to middle of your cheek/edge of your mouth while keeping your stance strong and relatively square.

Bow and Arrow / Crafted in CarharttBow and Arrow / Crafted in CarharttBow and Arrow / Crafted in Carhartt


The Great Outdoors Woman

From bowhunting to fly fishing to skeet shooting, Tessa Wyatt is a great outdoorswoman. When she’s not enjoying the sweet summit city of Park City, Utah, and all the charm Main Street has to offer, she’s off exploring the surrounding nature.

“I like to hike, fish, and love to camp. If I am staying around here for a quick one or two night getaway I will go out to the Uintas or up Mirror Lake Highway. There are so many cool little hidden lakes and brooks up there. It’s beautiful and super easy to get to; very fun for short hikes in and fishing for some really neat brooks. Adventuring during the day, fire pit and cooking at night, and then sleeping in a tent. Once you get the whole process dialed in- it’s a quick pack in and pack out.” -Tessa Wyatt

Whether the weather is warm or cold, every season is bustling with activities. With winter afoot, planning for snow and freezing temperatures is crucial.

“Having the right gear is pretty key. I moved to Park City from Honolulu and literally had one pair of socks; the change in climate was a pretty big shock to my system and it took me awhile to adjust. The right shoes, good thick socks, a thick jacket, and a warm hat. Layering is really your best bet; it’s always easy to take layers off but harder to add layers on if you don’t begin prepared for the weather. I try to keep my core as warm as possible too, I can go for quite awhile with cold feet and hands but always have a hard time heating back up if I am chilled in my center. My Carhartt jacket is kind of a staple for me in the winter and at night in the summer.” -Tessa Wyatt

Weathered Wildwood Jacket / Crafted in Carhartt

Rugged Flex Boot

Get a load of these Women’s Rugged Flex Work Boots. They are oil, chemical, abrasion, heat, and slip resistant. The back of the boot is outfitted with a rubber heal bumper for protection and the outsoles are made with cement construction. This is the women’s work boot you’ve been waiting for!

Rugged Flex Boot / Crafted in CarharttRugged Flex Boot / Crafted in Carhartt