Master Frame Buildin’ Momma

Sweatpea Bicycles Portland and Carhartt


Natalie worked as a bike messenger for 6 years as she went to grad school for architectural design.  She wanted to combine her love of design, the world of cycling, and respect for the environment into a business and way of life. With its bike-friendly nature, Portland seemed like a great place to start Sweetpea Bicycles, owned and operated by Natalie and her husband, Austin. Out of a desire to help women experience the joy of cycling, she strives to make bikes that perfectly fit a woman’s body. As a mother of two, there’s no doubt her enthusiasm will be passed down to her children.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s a great time to take a step back and appreciate the ambitions and passions your own mom instilled in you. Don’t forget to tell Mom that you love and appreciate her.

Take a look at Natalie’s work wear here: Carhartt Women’s Minot Shirt, 1889 Slim Double-Front Denim Dungaree, & Short Sleeve Signature T-Shirt.