Crafted in Carhartt -- DIY Wardrobe

  Calling all crafty women, Carhartt has created a great jacket with you in mind. The El Paso Utility Jacket features: It’s equipped with 10 pockets, constructed from sturdy yet lightweight ripstop fabric, made with mesh ventilation, fitted with an interior drawstring at the waist, and designed with reinforced elbows and adjustable cuffs. It’s cool and practical with a bit of […]

Building Hugger - Crafted in Carhartt

Recycling and reusing building materials is the ideal way to go about repairing old houses and architecture. In a time when so much excess waste proliferates, as strong proponents of green construction arise, they need our support. Amy Nicole Swift is just that. When she’s not teaching at the university, she’s working to restore vacant Detroit properties. It’s a dirty […]

DIY ombre easter eggs / Crafted in Carhartt

  I’ve found that having a little background knowledge in color theory goes a long way when trying to create the ombre effect. Ombre eggs are a great craft for this time of year. Here’s what you need: a few dozen eggs (either hard boiled or paper), paint, brushes, and metallic ink. Pick the base hue […]

Pewabic and Carhartt

Passing down knowledge of the arts and creativity seems like the ultimate gift. As mothers, sisters, and friends we can help multiply ingenuity and imagination. Just ask Victoria. She molded her first lump of clay at the age of six. Her mom was an artist who wanted to share the passion she had for her […]

DIY slab constructed bowl / Pewabic and Carhartt

  Victoria from Pewabic Pottery has some advice when making a slab constructed bowl. Basically, that’s making a bowl off of a bowl mold. It’s a great craft to do with kids or on your own for fun and relaxation. Here we go: 1. Pound a ball of clay into a square shape about 3/4” thick. […]

Holding House Detroit / Carhartt

A leader is someone who steps up when they see a need that hasn’t been met. Andrea Eckert, Detroit artist who taught us about solar screen printing, is doing just that. She bought an old building on Motor City’s well-known Michigan Avenue and is in the process of gutting and refurbishing it into a studio […]

Carhartt DIY solar screen printing

Who says you need a printing press to make a screen print? You can just use the sun. That’s right, it’s called solar screen printing. Check out this demonstration by Detroit artist, Andrea Eckert, to see how you can bring an image to life. The print Andrea and her kids are working on is of […]