Pashon Murray Detroit Dirt

There are some days work has to be done, come rain or come shine. Carhartt Women’s Force Equator Jacket’s got you covered. The lightweight material makes it easy for you to move around and get the job done. A Storm Defender™ waterproof breathable membrane keeps you cool and dry. Normally, you’d be working up a sweat, […]

Krista Burleson / Crafted in Carhartt

This week Crafted in Carhartt is giving a shout out to the inspiring Krista Burleson. She’s a welder and a construction worker. Talk about girl power! Krista has some words of wisdom to share with any women with aspirations similar to her own: “All the things I’ve ever been interested in, nobody around me understood (hunting, welding, […]

DIY Momigami with Bukola / Crafted in Carhartt

  Walking into Bukola’s studio space at the MFA Applied Craft + Design Program in Portland is like crossing the doormat into a treasured family room. Memories and swatches of inspiration dangle from the walls. Every bit of art is handcrafted with care and intent. You get the feeling that a story is begging to be […]

Tiny Houses and Living Deliberately

Many of us have formed an attachment to the idea of home. The American Dream is often linked with those ideals and hopes that have been programmed into our brains since childhood. However, giant houses covered with freshly painted shutters and a white picket fence may no longer be the dream of the masses. It’s […]

DIY The Not So Girly Clutch / Crafted in Carhartt

I’m not much of a purse-person, but put a wacky spin on a bag, and I’ll eat it right up. This handmade clutch with its makers attitude is right up any crafty woman’s alley. Go ahead and give it a try. Creating out of paper mache is one of the most gratifying experiences– the feeling of making […]

Crafted in Carhartt / Fan Photos

  Take a look at this little Texan. Brennan is wearing Carhartt kids. It goes to show that overalls look good at any age. If you’re a Carhartt lover and you have a photo you’d like to share on the blog,  email and you could see your photo here. 

inspiring quotes by women for women / Crafted in Carhartt

  The path of your career, your craft, and even your hobbies can be long and hard. Don’t forget, there isn’t a set path for everyone. Find your own way. If you make a mistake, don’t give up. Keep up the hard work. “The road to success is always under construction.” -Lily Tomlin take a […]