Mountain Sky Ranch / Crafted in Carhartt

Sweeping view after sweeping view, Montana is rightly referred to as The Treasure State. Mountain Sky Ranch sits perfectly perched just above Yellowstone River, extending across Paradise Valley and up the surrounding foothills. Take one step onto the ranch, and you feel like you’ve time-traveled to the days of the Wild West. It’s no wonder. […]

Empowering Halloween Costumes from Women in History / Crafted in Carhartt

I’ll tell you what, there’s nothing like looking for an empowering Halloween costume to reinforce how underrepresented women are in history. No wonder the most creative outfit some people can put together is a skimpy dress and cat ears. Girls, let’s switch things up and dress as badass women in history. I’ve put together a […]

Carhartt Rain Defender / Crafted in Carhartt

On my trip to Montana, it rained quite a bit. I practically lived in the new Carhartt Women’s Cascade Jacket. It’s much easier to enjoy the sweeping views and wide open skies when you know your rainwear will keep you dry. This Storm Defender® waterproof breathable jacket comes with articulated elbows so you can easily move […]

Stephanie Revennaugh / Crafted in Carhartt

Stepping into the front room at Stephanie Revennaugh‘s house, I knew I had happened upon a tremendous artist. Her work thoughtfully placed among her beautifully Montana inspired living space played a melody between rich colors, textures, and elements of nature. Different projects were sprawled out, not quite finished, but still breathtaking. She captures a perfect moment of movement […]

Bringing the Outdoors In / Crafted in Carhartt

There is so much to appreciate about fall: crisp air and crunchy footsteps, soft earthy tones and speckled foliage. It marks the start of bonfire season and cuddle-up in-warm-blankets season. I’m a big proponent of surrounding oneself with the great outdoors. That being said, it feels natural to pluck up a few flowers from the […]

Carhartt New Holland Beer / Crafted in Carhartt

Exciting news on the Carhartt front: New Holland Brewing in Michigan created a beer just for us! It’s crafted from locally grown Cascade hops and barrel aged into an American pale ale, with a hint of malty sweetness and toasted oak. The Carhartt team took a road trip all the way from Dearborn, MI to the […]

Ona Magaro / Crafted in Carhartt

In a time when men outnumber women in films 3 to 1 on screen, unequal pay based on gender still unfairly affects females on a day to day basis, and social media and advertising outlets are repeatedly beating women down with unrealistic and often times contradictory expectations about beauty, health, and happiness; it’s time we […]